You search a solution on web to execute a task on your computer.

Solution actual find a website or youtube with the tutorial steps and with your skill you resolve your task.


My solution is a aditonal sofware with full access to machine with order of your active  browser for install&settings full right on your computer Win64/MacOs/Linux.

Once the soft is on ; you can found one any website compatible and listed° the solution you want and if enable you can run a .sh or script macro on the browser to execute the task.


Exemple you search how to change password on windows 10 ? =>
You are on website that support the sofware and you have a script in webpage that open automaticly the path setting to do your change password.

Exemple 2 you search how to reboot my computer ? (more visual ) you find the website a website compatible and run a macro who step by step show where is the trick to reboot your pc.


.sh and macro verificaded is controlled by community or a compagny concerned by the script (: ...

possiblity to allow any script in option the sofwtare because because.

That all for the moment no features more needed V.1